Thursday, April 6, 2017

Crochet Jack's Chain Quilt WIP

Most of you know me for crocheting Flower Shawls, but I do love to do blankets also and then mostly quilt inspired ones.
A favorite of mine is the Jack's Chain Quilt, I really love that one,
how it plays with your mind.
Since I do not like sewing as much as I used to, I decided to try to
crochet one.
This is what it looks like so far...

I am using Drops Paris. my favorite 100% cotton yarn. I bought almost
all the colors a long time ago. Now I am using those left overs and
bought a few new light blue skeins.
You can buy Drops Paris at Woolwarehouse,  Deramores and Love Crochet.

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  1. Dit is zoooo leuk! Prachtige kleuren,

  2. The result of the pattern an the colours is amazing! So beautiful your work ;)

  3. This looks beautiful. This yarn gives your work a special look.

    Have a nice day, Margaret

  4. ooooh, I LOOOOVE it ! You're always making such amazing crochet blankets :D Hope you'll soon issue a pattern for this one ??? (crossing my fingers AND toes) it's definitely on my TO-DO list :D

    THANKS for the inspirations, dear Atty


  5. Amazing!!! But... how do you join the squares?

  6. This is amazing!! Where can I find the pattern?

  7. Super mooi! Prachtige kleuren. Love it !!!!

  8. Dit is zo mooi en een mooi project voor lange avonden zonder digi-ruis. Ik sluit me ook aan bij de vorige smeekbedes voor het patroon. Marina

  9. Love these shawls, I remember they were in fashion when I was a kid and saw my sister wearing one of them. Thank you for sharing it with us

  10. You are so talented. It's beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us.